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Discover Guillaume Cormon

in the movie "Cages"

at Hollywood Art and Movie Awards. 


The Thursday 23th of January 2020

> video


Discover Marion Morel in the play

"Never on a first date" at Laurette Théâtre  


From Thursday 21th of November 2019 to Saturday 21th of December 2019

Link to the ticket office :

Discover Clément Lefrais and Maëlle Quer-Riclet in the play "Espace temps" at Théâtre Clavel 


From thuesday 22th of october 2019 to wednesday 18th of december 2019

Link to the ticket office :

Discover Gaël Germain in the play "Yvona"

at Théâtre Elisabeth Czerczuk

From 17th of october to 21th of december 2019 

Link to the ticket office :


Discover Anne Barat in the play "Lisbeths"

at ABC Théâtre

November 24th 2019 at 6:00 pm

Booking by phone (+33)

Link to the website :

Discover Guillaume Cormont in the short film

"Mr. Cormon" 

with Haithem Herira and directed by Cédric Durand

Link to the video :

Stay tuned for upcoming performances

of Jean-Baptiste Schmitt in the musical 

 "La guerre des boutons" a creation of the company "Allée des cerisiers"

Booking by phone (+33)

Link to the website :

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