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 The Actors Diary

"Avec une imagination développée, il n'y a aucun endroit où nous ne pouvons pas aller."
Sanford Meisner

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Michael Chekhov on the beach avec Sarah Kane

🏝BONNE NOUVELLE : le Stage intensif de 3 semaines en Grèce aura bien lieu!!!

Plus d’infos :

Séance de travail pleine d’émotions lors d'un stage Week-end Meisner avec la coach Ashlie Walker Green et Anastase Philippe Rouillé


"L'acteur ne devrait jamais s'inquiéter de son talent, mais plutôt de son manque de technique, de formation et de compréhension du processus de création."- Michael Chekhov


In collaboration with Studio AZOT the Laboratorium Meisnera, is organizing a course on the application of the Meisner technique to monologues, with the renowned coach, Simon Furness .
For any trainee from Studio AZOT, special offer of 190 pounds instead of 210.

The British actor is interviewed by the Syrian poet Dr Abed Ismael on many subjects including his close collaboration with the director Peter Brook, his own reading of Hamlet as well as his main role in the play (Le Grand Inquisiteur) which is based on the novel by Dostoyevsky (Brothers Karamazov).


Exploration Michael Chekhov on archetypes with the first year 2019/2020

More info on the weekly workshops


Working session in the great outdoors with Sarah Kane on the island of Aegina in Greece during the Chekhov on the beach 2019 Workshop


More info on Chekhov on the beach courses

Weekend Workshop with Sylwia Kaczmarek on emotional preparation and characterization in videoconferencing.
"Act before you think"


Bravo to our trainee actor Guillaume Cormont for the selection of the short film "Cages" at the Prix du Court festival, international section.

More informations

Bravo to our trainee actress Marie-Anne Guilbert for her great performance in the new film by Martin Provost (“Séraphine”), presented in preview at the Télérama Cinema Festival

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We wish good luck to our trainee actor Tarik Jallal in the preparation of a role in a feature film which is currently in preparation.

Playful body study of actors transforming into children's toys!

To see the video, click above!

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Open classes Michael Chekhov & Meisner



Come and discover our unique approach in France of the Meisner method and the Michael Chekhov method!

Free entry !

Booking required: 📩


Bravo to our trainee actors

Clément Lefrais and Maëlle Quer Riclet

for their incredible performance in "L'espace temps au théatre Clavel!"

More informations

Discover Guillaume Cormont in the short film

"Monsieur Corman"


with Haithem Herira and directed by Cédric Durand

Link to video

La maladroite.PNG

Congratulations to our trainee actor Jallal Tarik for his part in the TV movie

"La Maladroite"


Bravo to our trainee actress Anne Barat for her touching performance in Lisbeths at the ABC theater!

More informations :

Nathalie Portman

on creating a character


Discover Gaël Germain , trainee actor from Studio AZOT Michael Chekhov and Meisner Paris, in YVONA,

October 17 to December 21


Discover Marion Morel

in the play "Never the first evening"

at the Laurette Theater


From Thursday, November 14 to Saturday, December 21, 2019


Link to the ticket office:

1ere annee - 4.jpg

Chekhov exploration on the qualities of movements with the group of 1st year 2018

Discover Anne Barat, trainee actress from Studio AZOT Michael Chekhov and Meisner Paris, in OSTINATO

ostanito .jpg

Discover Emel Hollocou in La Cerisaie by Anton Tchekhov / Nicolas Liautard & Magalie Nadaud at the Théâtre de la Tempête

until February 2

Stay tuned for upcoming performances

by Jean-Baptiste Schmitt in the musical

"The War of the Buttons"

a creation of the company

Alley of cherry trees


Link to the site:

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